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My name is Richard Jablonski and I have been working to develop this website as a place for anyone wanting to make an extra income to help improve their lives.
I'm a retired construction supervisor without a pension, just social security. I do have a wife who retired with a small pension from the company she worked for. She also had a 401k plan that took a big hit from the 2008 depression. The combination of these income sources has been a help for our survival. The creeping inflationary pressure has been eating into that income, so I had to come up with a plan to generate some extra income to supplement our dwindling income. So I decided to try my luck a internet marketing.
It's one way that a senior citizen can use to help supplement the income they're living on now.
I hope is that my Extra Income Place and Extra Income DIY websites will help others achieve their goal of creating that extra income and improving their lifestyle.
To your success,   

Rich Jablonski

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